Membership Information

As a Saskatchewan Non Profit Corporation all of our operating expenses are obtained from the generosity of our members and through membership dues and event proceeds 

Memberships expire on April 15th. and are valid for one year.

2014 Memberships are now available.

Membership applications may be accepted or rejected by the executive committee.


Membership Classes

Regular Shooting Membership  $50.  Dependents under 18 years of age $25.

Any person of the age of 18 years and being of good character may apply for a regular shooting membership.

Immediate dependents under the age of 18, living at the same address of a regular shooting member may apply for a regular shooting membership at a reduced rate of $25.


Attend and vote in the Annual General Meeting.

Register your S.A.W.W.S. shooting alias and receive your individual membership number (*1)

Badges with your individual membership number will be supplied with your initial membership.

Additional badges are available to members only for purchase

Request and schedule sanctioned events at your home range and receive organizational assistance with rules and regulations,

Qualified Range Officer assistance, use of S.A.W.W.S. targets, timers and props, Operational assistance and promotional advertising for events.

You will receive invitations to all sanctioned meetings, shooting and social events hosted by the association.

You will receive a membership  wallet card with your chosen alias and membership number.

National Firearms Association insurance is included in the costs of all regular shooting memberships



Associate memberships $15.

Associate memberships will be available to non shooting / non voting  persons.

You will be able to register your alias and receive a badge and wallet card

Associate members do not receive N.F.A. insurance or voting privileges.



Cost of Life Memberships is $500.

Life Members have all the rights and Privileges of Regular Members.



Honorary Memberships shall have the same rights and privileges  as a Regular Shooting Membership

including voting and N.F.A. insurance. 

An Honorary Member may be anyone recommended by any member of S.A.W.W.S. in good standing and supported by the executive committee and approved by the general membership.


(*1) Registered alias and membership numbers of members that have not renewed their memberships for one (1) year will be considered invalid.


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