What'd ya mean, New Updates?

New Updates Where?
Well, for them what cares, we'll post what changes were made, instead of you hunting fer em, finding them, and thinking "That's it?"


2010-05-02        add new members 63-66
2010-05-08        add announcements to home page / create help wanted page / update memb app form
2010-06-07       add links to Last Gasp poster, Lasp Gasp info, AGM minutes and Big Bang results to home page /  / add pics to members page / create Big Bang results page / created info page for Gopher Coulee 
2010-06-26       add Meadow Lake Demo shoot to events page
2010-07-26        add Wild Bunch side match info
2010-08-17        post Last Gasp Results
2010-09-09        cancel Sept 12 Shoot notice
2010-09-16        remove cancel notice
2010-10-02        add pic to members page
2010-10-14        announce Oct 24 shoot
2010-10-23        add new members
2010-10-30        add Granny News page for info regarding Christmas party
2010-11-01        add President's Fall 2010 report
2010-11-26        add Country Classics link to Resources page
2011-01-23        add Red Mountain Renegades to Club Links page, added shoot dates, add new members
2011-01-30        add Big Bang event info and registration form, edit Vermilion shoot info
2011-02-06        update times on events page, update members page
2011-02-07        add AGM info to events page, change date of Bunnie shoot  (16th to 17th)
2011-02-26        add shoots to Events page
2011-03-20        add shoots to Events page, add article to Archive page, add pics to '07 Top Gun winners (on members page)
2011-03-29        add Winnipeg shoots to events page, add land descriptions to events page (for ATT purposes)
2011-04-13        cancel Bunny Rabbit Shoot
2011-04-22        add directions to Bear Hills Range, add 2011 Spring Presidents report
2011-05-16        change date of Meadow Lake shoot
2011-05-17        add Wild Bunch Shoot info
2011-06-02        post Big Bang Shoot Results
2011-06-14        add Last Gasp Shoot info / registration, add Wild Boone
info (memberships) to home page
2011-06-22        add Candle Lake shoot
2011-08-30        post Last Gasp Shoot Results
2011-09-18        Change PA shoot date from Sept 25 TO Oct 2, add pics to members page
2012-01-08        add 2012 shoot dates, add members, add Presidents report
2012-01-18        fix hit counter
2012-02-14        post mounted shooting info
2012-02-26        post AGM info, updated events page
2012-03-05        remove mounted shooting info from home
2012-03-26        add shoot info for Tompkins on Events page
2012-04-13        add Big Bang registration / info, add RO Course info, cancel May 27 shoot Candle Lake
2012-06-11        add Winnipeg shoot info, add Biggar shoot info
2012-06-24        add Last Gasp info / registration
2012-07-01        add Gardenhead Gun Club shoot info
2012-07-10        post AFS notice on home page, update members page
2012-07-29        post steak shoot results, add info re: S.A.S.S. affiliation
2012-08-26        post Last Gasp Results, moved CRO report to archives, updated archives page (bout time too), assorted housekeeping changes
2012-08-27        post  refreshed home page
2012-09-16        add Biggar shoot
2012-10-27        post Christmas party poster
2012-11-04        add Gardenhead Nov shoot info
2012-11-06        President and Territorial Governors Report 2012
2013-01-01        updated 2013 shoot schedule
2013-01-13        update add Biggar shoot dates to schedule, add SASS Western Regional poster and registration
2013-03-07        add President and Territorial Gov's Report
2013-04-27        move Biggar shoot date from May 4th to May 18th
2013-05-07        add new members to members page
2013-05-24       cancel Jun 1 Biggar shoot 
2013-05-31       post 2013 Big Bang Results
2013-08-07       post 2013 Last Gasp Results
2013-08-18       post 2013 update archive page, 
SASS Western Canadian Regional Finals results
2013-12-06      post 2013 fall president and TG report, add Biggar shoot dates to schedule
2013-12-15      add Candle Lake shoot dates, add SASS Western Finals poster, post info Candle Lake RO1 Course
2014-01-27      add posters for SASS Western Finals, SAWWS Big Bang, and SAWWS Last Gasp
2014-02-08      post info for Vermilion shoot
2014-03-24      post shoot dates for Prince Albert
2014-08-15     post lasp gasp results / sass western regional results
2015-03-08     Candle Lake and Biggar shoot dates posted, post info for Thompkins shoot also
2015-03-10     Prince Albert shoot dates posted
2015-03-22     Listed new members
2015-11-01     Listed new members
2015-11-22     Posted 2015 President and Territorial Governor's Report
2016-02-20    posted Candle Lake & Biggar shoot dates



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