Links to Various Resources

Cowboy Action Shooting Primer

Cowgirl Links
    Ladies Emporium
    Buckaroobobbins - a DIY site
    Kirkpatrick Leather
    Mernickle Holsters - Ginger Lee's Favorite Holsters
    Track of the Wolf
    Eagle Grips

Clothing Links
    Western Emporium
    River Junction
    Tonto Rim
    Quality Hats
    Wild West Mercantile
    Cultured Cowboy
    The Old Frontier Clothing Co.  

The Dark Side
    Track of the Wolf
    Dixie Gun Works

CAS Links
    Piney woods Place
    Shooters Choice - Ontario
    Shooters Choice - Alberta
    Long Hunter Shooting Supply
    Buffalo Brothers
    Old Trading Post

Shootin Irons
    Marauder's Old Irons
    Cimarron Firearms
    VTI Replica Gun Parts
    Eagle Grips
    Marstar Canada
    Country Classics Shooting Supplies

    El Paso Saddlery Co
    Mernickle Holsters
    Tandy Leather - DIY
    Kirkpatrick Leather Co
    Black Hills Leather
    Assorted Gunleather Links - Shoot! Magazine
  eMail -   Cactus Plains Ammunition
General Supplies
    Cabelas Canada

Unique / Misc
    Horse Hearse


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