Cow- “Girl“ Action Shooting Page


We hope you enjoy this new addition to our web site dedicated to the Ladies of Cowboy Action Shooting.


Please send us the story of your experiences with   Cowgirl Action Shooting

for the enjoyment and encouragement of all the girls interested in participating in the sport.


Read the stories and check the links. Share your knowledge and opinions of what you have tried and works best for you.

Send us your story. Tell others what equipment you have found tailored to the ladies and what works and doesn’t work for you. Share suggestions on where to get personal equipment, information and training.  Get information on hosting shooting and social events in your area.

Let everyone know what events are happening in your area.

Please send suggestions and submissions and any ideas to improve your S.A.W.W.S.  web site to;

Thanks all,  talk to you soon.      Ginger Lee

Granny Oakley

Ginger Lee Kelley

Last Shot

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