Here are minutes of the Territorial Governorís meeting I (Grey Beard) attended while I was at Winter Range this winter.

22 Feb 2018 - 5:30 PM
Winter Range TG Meeting
Chaired by Blackjack - Meeting Called to Order
Discussion Items:
1.  Misty opened the discussion on the status of the Divisional matches, asking for feedback on the current organization of these matches.  Misty solicited feedback regarding "how these matches are affecting attendance at the Regionals?"  TGs provided feedback in various forms, but basically that the system was working satisfactorily.  Some TGs mentioned that travelling to all the major shoots was challenging for some, and most shooters would need to choose what match was most important.
2.  TGs were informed that the next SHB update would be completed in Jan 2019.  In the meantime, all should forward any errors to Misty for inclusion if necessary.
The Chair thanked Misty for her hard work on the new SHB and the RO I materials.  It was a monumental task and took quite an effort to complete - ongoing.  Well done!
3. Discussion took place that the Wild Bunch would be organizing a TG Summit sometime in the next 18-24 months.  This would consist of a 2-day event exclusively for TGs, a Summit to discuss any issues and move on.    Things were pretty quiet, as most everything is running smoothly.  A Summit would only be held if required.  TGs should be thinking about agenda items in the coming months, and any possible items should be forwarded to Misty.
4. Open to the floor:
  -  Question from the floor:  "can we include all the clarifications over the years in the manuals / separate doc?"   Misty related that it is VERY difficult to keep this information in a living, amendable document.  She was investigating a method to keep the info on the SASS website, accessible to all.  Ongoing.....
  - JT Wild brought up a suggestion to create an "Open" category where only those who want to shoot for "Overall" would compete.  This category would NOT be awarded, except for overall, and would therefore NOT be a burden to matches for more awards expense.
Much discussion took place as to how it would be implemented and how it would operate.  JT Wild was asked to post this suggestion on the TG wire for feedback, and to explain how the category would be operated/implemented.  On going....
Meeting adjourned.


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