2016 S.A.W.W.S. Presidential Report

What a year, we have had a lot of changes in our S.A.W.W.S. community this year.  In April at our AGM Grey Beard chose to step down to focus on his health. With that came the need for a new president. I was honored with this office. With Grey Beard's slightly reduced loads he was still very busy writing and organizing our three major shoots for the year.
Also stepping aside due to health concerns was Dapper Doc Thompson, with all the work he put in over the years as the ground work to our association, we are forever grateful. A lot of us in the sport in this province have him to thank, me included. Thanks for everything Doc.
We have had a full host of events this year with a new range being added for one shoot this year, with 3 more planning for next summer. A huge thank you to Dusty Driver, Fat Bob .45 and Long Shot Len for organizing this event. It was attended by 15 shooters. For a first effort that was amazing, thank you to everyone that was able to make it.
Garden Head had two shoots on their schedule this summer. I was able to attend the July memorial shoot, what a challenging event that was. You sure remember what your sights are meant for there. Thank you to Mad Dog and Little Wolf for planning a great shoot with amazing food.
Our Biggar range has gone through some restructuring and, to some degree, rebuilding. We had a work party in spring where we were able to get stage fronts repainted, window shelves added and some tables built. Thanks to everyone that came out and helped. The shoot schedule was reduced by 2 for this year and the weekends changed so that more members would be able to attend other shoots in the province.  Krosman Kid, Anita Gun Now, Ry Shooter, Perilous Pearl and I have been taking turns with the organization and writing of the shoots.
Our Northern ranges had a number of shoots as well.  Prince Albert scheduled two events and Wolf Stenson hosted five events at Candle Lake. For the first time I was able to make it to Candle Lake.  It was one of the first ranges in the province to host Cowboy Action Shooting, it was a great to see where things started in the beauty of the boreal forest of this wonderful province.
Our three major events this summer had outstanding turn outs.  Both of our S.A.W.W.S events were attended by 60 shooters, our SASS event brought in 65 shooters, with participants from 5 provinces and one U.S. state.  Our Wild Bunch match was called after 2 stages due to rain.  The Ladies Luncheon explored a new venue this year.  The ladies spent the morning at the Berry Barn on Valley Road. What a beautiful setting for all of our fabulous Ladies.  Most of all I would like to thank the Saskatoon Muzzle Loader Club for once again hosting us, we couldnít ask for a better facility.  As many of you know, especially those parked in the Back 40 Cowboy Campground, things got a little cozy with the number of campers this year. Well, Smoke Jenkins and 40 Creek Bob were able to clear the area to allow for more campers in the following years.  So look forward to a little more space in 2017. That is unless we continue to surpass expectations. Thank you everyone for continuing to make these events such huge successes for our little club!
As a special note I would like to thank everyone for helping me navigate through this year as president, I was a ball of nerves at our Big Bang event in May. The first time is always the hardest. Over the course of the year I started feeling my way through, some gentle guidance from Grey Beard, Granny One shot, and an eye opening talk with Wild Whiskey Wade and so many others had me realising we all need to be working together for the continued growth of our sport in this wonderful province. Thereís always someone able to step up and help with the skills needed to take care of each and every job.
Also, thank you to the founding members of S.A.W.W.S.; Dapper Doc Thompson, Ginger Lee, Grey Beard, Granny One Shot, and all the others that were involved to bring this sport to more than just a dream but to a reality that we are able to enjoy today. My heroís have always been from the old west, so being able to be involved in this sport has been such an honour. With this year winding down to our last event at Biggar Oct. 15th and our Governors Gala planned for January itís been a wonderful time.
 May your powder stay dry and the steel ring true,
Yours truly,
Diamond Dean Freighter 


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